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Use of the website and the services (hereinafter the „Services“) provided by this website are governed by these General Conditions of Use. By using these Services, users express their acceptance of these General Conditions of Use and conditions on which it is referenced in the General Conditions of Use (hereinafter the „Conditions“), and they concurrently acknowledge that they are bound by these Conditions. Partners are also bound by these Conditions of cooperation with partners, and organizations are also bound by the Conditions of cooperation.

The purpose of Conditions is for organizations, groups, or individuals that are in their home state to register as non-profit entities that raise financial donations named Organization; for a project of an Organization for which funds are raised named Fundraiser; for personal projects which are published by individuals (someone other than Organization) on the platform named Personal Fundraiser; for individuals who publish Personal Fundraisers named Individuals; for individuals who contribute to the Fundraiser or Personal Fundraiser named Donor; for persons who promote and raise funds to support a Fundraisers at his/her business or restaurant named Partner; for individuals (other than Partners) who publicly promote and raise funds to support Fundraisers named Ambassadors; and for funds which Donors contribute to a Fundraiser named Financial Donation. Organizations, Individuals, Donors, Partners, Ambassadors and other users of Services are collectively referred to as Users. A symbol that provides as thanks to Donors for providing financial donations, or provide to Partners or Ambassadors for promotion and raising funds named Symbol HelpStone. is the place where the interests of people who ask for financial donations for their Fundraisers and interests of people who want to contribute to a Fundraiser meet. is not responsible for the quality, safety, suitability of the Fundraiser or Personal Fundraiser or their compliance with legislation, nor the truthfulness or accuracy of User Content published on the website is not responsible for Organization or Individual use of Financial Donations as described in Fundraisers or Personal Fundraisers.

Users under 18 may use the Services only with the consent and under the supervision of their legal representative who expresses their consent to be bound by Conditions by this consent and provide supervision, legal representative becomes concurrently responsible for the use of Services. Users whose right to use Services were temporarily suspended are not entitled to use the Services. reserves the right to refuse or suspend anyone from using the Services at its own discretion, and reserves the right to refuse, revoke, suspend, remove or suspend any Fundraiser or Personal Fundraiser, Financial donation or Services for any reason without any liability. is not a place for spreading hate, abuse, discrimination, disrespect or harassment. Therefore, Users are obligated to refrain from (i) the promotion of discrimination, humiliation, subjugation, hatred or violence against individuals or groups based on race, ethnic origin, religion, handicap, gender, age, sexual orientation, (ii) the publication of unsolicited goods or services, (iii) any action that would negatively interfere with or disrupt the functioning of the services or activities related to the Services, (iv) activities that would result in an unreasonable burden on, (v) the presentation of products manufactured by a third party as their own product or false presentation of himself as a distributor of third parties, (vi) presentation of political activities. reserves the right to remove User content of Fundraisers or Personal Fundraisers which includes the abovementioned, and also the right to cancel the account of the User who posted this content.

Organizations and Individuals are obligated to fulfil the Fundraiser or Personal Fundraiser, as is presented on the website, and they are also obliged to fulfil any of their obligations towards Donors. If an Organization or Individual breaches a commitment to Donors, Organizations, or Individuals, the Donor undertakes to resolve the matter amicably. is not entitled nor obligated to interfere in disputes among Users, or between Users and third parties. is further not entitled nor obligated to interfere in disputes about ownership of a Fundraiser or a Personal Fundraiser. In case of any disputes between Users, is authorized to tell the parties of said dispute to contact each other to resolve their dispute.

All information published by a User on his User account or disclosed in connection with the use of Services must be accurate and truthful. In the case of use of a User account by an unauthorized person, or if for any other misuse of the user account, the User is obliged to promptly inform about it. Users undertake disclosing to any information pertinent to their identification and, if necessary, any additional information requested by grants the User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable licence to use the Services to which the User has permission to access.

Individuals are entitled to ask for the possibility of publishing their Personal Fundraiser on the website, leaving it to the discretion of whether to grant permission to the Individual or not. In the case that permission is granted, the Individual is entitled to publish its Personal Fundraiser on the website, whose aim must be to support the disadvantaged, vulnerable, socially, physically or otherwise disadvantaged individuals or groups who need financial assistance from third parties. Donors can contribute to Personal Fundraisers by Individuals who publish their Personal Fundraisers on the website can voluntarily decide to support by financial contribution in any amount.

Donors are responsible for finding all important information about Fundraisers or Personal Fundraisers before they contribute to any Fundraiser or Personal Fundraiser. All financial donations are voluntary, and are exclusively the Donor’s concern. does not guarantee to any Donor that (i) his Financial donation will be used in the way that an Organization or Individual has promised or, (ii) that the Fundraiser or Personal Fundraiser will achieve the stated goal. is not a representative of any Organization, does not guarantee nor provide any warranty for the quality, safety, suitability of Fundraisers or Personal Fundraisers, nor for its compliance with applicable laws or the truth or accuracy of any User content published in connection with the Services. Donors are solely responsible for what Fundraiser or Personal Fundraiser they contribute to.

Setting up User accounts is free of charge. does not charge Organizations, Individuals, Donors, or Users any fee for the use of Services. Donors and Organizations or Individuals can voluntarily decide to support by making financial contributions in any amount.

The costs of the operation and development of are derived from financial contributions in accordance with the Conditions of cooperation with organizations and the abovementioned Conditions for Personal Fundraisers.

Users are responsible for tax aspects of the use of Services, and has no obligations and commitments towards Users in this matter.

Users are entitled to create partner sites on the website in order to connect their brand with one or more Fundraisers or Personal Fundraisers. If a User accesses a partner site, he automatically agrees with the terms of this partner.

Within the use of Services, Users are entitled to publish photos, videos, texts, drawings, logos or any other audio-visual content (hereinafter collectively “User content”). By publishing User content, Users grant temporally and locally unrestricted, nonexclusive, transferable licence, with the right to grant a sublicence, to use, publish, display, reproduce, modify, process and distribute the User content in connection with the Services and related promotional activities. Users state, and guarantee, that their User content and its use does not violate intellectual property rights, property rights, privacy rights, or personal rights of third parties or otherwise violate the Conditions or any applicable laws.

Website may contain links to third party websites, advertisements, or services that are not owned or controlled by Users access this website or use its services at their own risk and discretion. is not responsible for any loss or damage related to the sites or services of third parties. In this context, recommends that Users always read the terms of use and privacy statements of these third parties whose sites they visit or services they use.

Organizations or Individuals that accept payment through payment gateways, and Donors who make their contributions through payment gateways, acknowledge and agree that these payments are subject to the terms of third parties with whom cooperates in relation to payments of financial donations.

Users agree to defend, indemnify, and hold blameless and its partners against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, costs or debt, and expenses (including fees and legal expenses) and claims for payment of amounts paid in connection with settlements arising out of, or related to, use of any Services, or any violation of the Conditions or any laws. has no financial obligation to Users. Services are provided without any guarantees, and are offered at the risk and responsibility of the Users.

Users accept and agree that and its employees and co-workers are not liable for any damage, regardless of whether the liability was established by a contract, law, or any other basis.

Notwithstanding, the provisions of the Conditions is for the Users whose law is in conflict with the abovementioned limitations of liability, the liability of, its employees or partners and limited to the fullest extent that their law allows. Specifically in those jurisdictions where this is not expressly permitted, does not renounce (a) liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or the negligence of its employees, (b) liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or deliberate misconduct, or (c) liability that cannot be waived under the rule of law. is entitled to transfer rights and obligations arising from Conditions, even without User consent. The User is not entitled to transfer rights and obligations arising from the Conditions.

Termination of User accounts may result in the loss and deletion of all information associated with any User account. Users can have their accounts terminated in accordance with the instructions stated on the website In the case of User account termination, is entitled to keep information about the User account in accordance with law. All provisions of the Conditions that shall by their nature be valid, even after User account termination (including provisions about limitation of liability, ownership, warranty conditions, damages), shall survive the termination of the User account.

Users accept and agree that applicable law for all disputes arising from the activities that provides is correct.

Organizations and other Users acknowledge that the legislative regulation of nonprofit organizations differ from country to country, and are aware that in some cases their home states can require, for example, their registration or other legal obligations. Users who use Services do so willfully, and are fully responsible for compliance with applicable laws.

Users agree that can make any notice or statement through email, written notice sent by postal services, or by publishing this notice or statement on the website welcomes ideas and suggestions from Users. As mentioned in the previous article we mean any proposal or initiative made by Users within the offered Services. User articles are not, and will not, be considered confidential. and its Users have no commitment nor obligations concerning articles, including their use or publication. and its Users are entitled to the unlimited use of disclosed articles, without any compensation to the User who create it.

Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the User and regarding its subject. In the case that any provision of the Conditions is, or becomes, invalid, ineffective, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Conditions shall be separated in the respective range from this provision, and shall have no effect on the validity, effectiveness, and enforceability of other provisions of the Conditions. Parties undertake to replace such invalid, ineffective, or unenforceable provisions, or his part via a new provision whose substance and economic meaning will be the same, or significantly similar to the replaced provision, so that the meaning and purpose of the Conditions remain. is entitled to amend and change the Conditions by publishing the current version of the Conditions on the website Users are bound by the current version of the Condition at the moment of their publication on the website In the case of discrepancies between the language of different versions, the current version maintains priority. is is not responsible for each language version due to its non-profit nature, since language versions are created by volunteers.



  1. This conditions of cooperation with organization govern cooperation between Endowment fundHELPSTONE CZECH REPUBLIC, Id. number054 72 041, with its seat at Václavské náměstí 832/19, 110 00 Prague1, registered in the Register of foundations maintained by Municipal Court in Prague, section N, volume (hereinafter the „“) and organizations, groups or individuals that are in their home state register as non-profitentity (hereinafter the „Organization“) in promoting and raising funds to support the Organization and its projects (hereinafter the „Fundraiser"), which are involved in the platform (hereinafter the „Conditions“).

  2. By joining the platform Organizations are bound by Conditions and General conditions of use published on the website, always at their current version.


  1. HelpStone.orgundertakes to work towards promotion and raising funds to support Organizations and Fundraisers.

  2. Organization agrees that is authorized to cooperate with third person in order to promote and raisefunds to support Organizations and Fundraisers.

  3. Organization undertakes to use collected funds to finance the activities described in Fundraiser that is published on the website

  4. Organization agrees and grants permission in order to their activities aiming at promotionand raising funds to support Organizations and Fundraisers to free useof all symbols, logos and any other multimedia or text content that is used by Organization and that are connected to itsactivities. Organization concurrentlystate that has all rights to use of abovementioned content in accordance with Conditions. Abovementioned text and multimedia content is entitled to use free for unlimited time periodeven after the end of cooperation with the Organization.Organization agrees that is entitled to provide the abovementioned symbols, logos or any other multimedia or text contentin order to raising funds to support Organizationto third parties with which cooperate.

  5. Promotion of Fundraiser shall not take place at location connected with offering or sale drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances, where the main activity is the sale of alcohol or tobacco, gambling, erotic services and content suppressing freedom, human rights, promoting oppression or discrimination against minorities or racism.

  6. During promotion and raising funds to support Organization and Fundraiser HelpStone.orgshall provide information about Organization as they wereprovided by the Organisation on website

  7. Funds collectedby belongs to Organization, amount of collected funds is in the case of payment made by:

    1. Direct support –100 % from provided financial donation (payment of financial donations is made directly on Organization account)

    2. Online support –97 % from provided financial donation (payment of financial donations is made by payment gateway on website

    3. HelpStone support –80% from provided financial donation(payment of financial donationis made by payment gateway on website, while Donor receivesfor provided financial donation symbol HelpStone)

    4. Partner support –70% from generated profit (payment of financial donation is made at partner -entrepreneur,who promote and raise funds to support Fundraisers at his business or restaurant, while Donor receives for provided financial donation symbol HelpStone)

  8. In the case that disbursing funds exceeds 250 USD is Organization entitled to ask for distribution of funds any timebefore the end of Fundraiser, payment fee is charged to cover transaction costs.

  9. welcome if Organization financially contributes to the promotion and development of platform, leaving it to discretion of Organization, what amount of money will help. Basic amount of the voluntary contribution is 15% (change) of the provided financial donation, Organizations can alter this amount. The financial donation will be lowered by this contribution while disbursing financial donation on behalf of the Organization.


  1. Cooperation between the Organization and is concluded for an indefinite period.

  2. Cooperation can be terminated by mutual agreement between Organization and, cooperation can by terminated only in relation to one of the Organizations Fundraisers, without influence on the cooperation relating to other Organizations Fundraiser. After termination of cooperation will be billing of undisbursed financial donation.

  3. Organization and can terminated cooperation by giving notice with three-months’ notice period, the notice period begins on the first day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the notice was delivered to the other side. Cooperation can beterminated only in relation to one of the Organizations Fundraisers, without influence on the cooperation relating to other Organizations Fundraiser. After termination of cooperation will be billing of undisbursed financial donation.

  4. In the case of substantial breach of Conditions (for substantial breach of Conditions is considered situation when Organization states false or misleading information about their activity or Fundraiser, or the use of funds for purposes other than those stated in the Fundraiser)is HelpStone.orgentitledto withdraw fromcooperation with immediate is entitled to withdraw from cooperation in relation to one of the Organizations Fundraisers, without influence on the cooperation relating to other Organizations Fundraiser.In this case is entitled to transfer undisbursed financial donation to another Fundraiser.In the case that Donor does not specify onwhat other Fundraiser shall be financial donation used is at the discretion of on what another Fundraiser transfer financial donation.

  5. In the case of any termination of Fundraiserthe Organization is not entitled to require the removal of Fundraiserfrom website On website only appears note Terminated Fundraiserwith the reason for terminationby terminated Fundraiser.


HelpStone.orgis entitled to amend and change Conditions by publishing current version of Conditions on website Users are bound by current version of Condition at the moment of their publication on the website In the case of discrepancies between the language versions, has priority english language version. For each language version is not responsible due to its non-profit nature because each language version is created by volunteers.

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