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Register your organisation and increase your funds for all of your projects starting today! It is incredibly easy and completely free!


Become one of our ambassadors and help us spread the HelpStone vision around the globe! Meet new people, travel the world...we will cover all of your expenses.


Are you running a business? A restaurant, café, fitness club, clothing store, or any other type of business? Help us increase the funds to non-profit organisations all around the world and improve your image at the same time without any additional cost!


Help non-profit organisations that are involved in the HelpStone initiative by helping them translate the texts for their projects. Make the translations of texts for HelpStone an integral part of the foreign language studies of your students and teach children empathy and philanthropy from a young age.


Are you looking to volunteer? Help us fund non-profit organisations from all around the world and improve your image at the same time and at no cost!

Corporate donor registration

Would you like to make a larger donation on behalf of your company? Feel free to contact us and we will help you to choose a project (or projects) and help you to undertake the distribution of donations following the reports in accordance with your business rules.

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