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Who are we?

HelpStone is a unique crowdfunding platform that connects non-profit organizations from around the world with donors, ranging from individuals to companies of various scales and helps them collect financial donations that are needed for their non-profit project activities.

What are our other activities?

We are the only non-profit organization platform that connects the virtual world with the real world. Non-profit projects involved in the HelpStone initiative are promoted through shops and outlets of kind hearted owners. Moreover, funds are collected by selling HelpStone stones, which are then sent to the specific project that the stone is assigned to, a project, which was chosen by the shop owner. This ensures effective collaboration and help where it is needed the most.

More about the HelpStone stone

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How can you help with HelpStone?

Whether you are an owner of a small café, a hairdresser studio, a fitness center or a hotel chain you can help by promoting any of the non-profit projects, which is close to your heart. This way you will increase awareness of the project and thus it will reach new donors. By selling the HelpStone bracelet through a fundraising stand on your counter you will help collect financial donations needed for the project to function.

As a company, you have the power to spread philanthropy in everyday life and become an example that inspires others to do good deeds. Join us!

What will you get from collaborating with HelpStone?

Effective and cost-free PR

Successful companies around the world are contributing to charities and they often have a separate PR department or a PR agency that focuses on incorporating charity effectively into their marketing initiatives.

Let your customers know that you are good person and you help people in need. How?

By placing a fundraising stand with HelpStone bracelets on your counter or other visible space, you are helping to raise awareness of the chosen non-profit project, while also collecting a financial donation in your store at the same time.

By placing a poster of the non-profit project in your shop window or other place inside your shop, you are showing other people that you are a good person and that you support a good thing. This may catch interest of the passersby who suddenly become your potential customers and will gladly return to your shop. Studies have shown that people prefer those companies that care about the world.

Through a special web widget that you can easily place on your website or a blog you can help a project of your choice get new donors and at the same time support your own PR online. By clicking on the widget, the donor will be transferred to more details about the project directly on the platform where he/she can also send a financial donation.

Social Media advertising can do miracles. Share it with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or twitter by saying “Proud to support a project ( Contribute with us by buying the HelpStone bracelet in our shop and let us help together. We are looking forward to your visit.”

Employee Loyalty

According to statistics from 2016, 82% of employees consider their job to be stressful and 35% of all working individuals confess the burnout syndrome, which is often caused by lack of personal satisfaction and can result in reduced work performance. On the other hand, 92% of employees agree that an employer that shows empathy increases the chance of retaining loyal employees. If you care about your employees and you want them to feel satisfied in their job, give them a chance to help a good initiative. This will increase their motivation as well as performance, and you will receive additional recognition.

Customized help

Choose a non-profit project that you want to support and set the amount of your donation according to your wishes. If you are an owner of multiple branches, you can choose to promote a project in a number of them and tailor it to your target audience. Each of your shops can promote a different project bringing your PR efforts to excellence.

If you haven’t found a project on that you would like to support, do not worry! Please, let us know about this project and we will gladly include it in the HelpStone program.

100% Transparency

Thanks to the unique code system of the non-profit projects we ensure constant connection between the donors and the recipients of the donations. Non-profit organizations are updating their progress on regularly to show what progress they have made. Every time a non-profit organization adds text, a photograph or a video on their project timeline we inform all the donors that contributed to this project through email. This way, you and your customers will know exactly how and to whom you are helping, in real time and with absolute transparency.

Fundraising Consulting

Our ambassadors will personally explain all the details about the platform. They will be glad to inform you about the projects of the non-profit organizations that are involved and will assist you with registering your company. If you have any questions or are unsure about something in the future do not hesitate to contact them. They will be at your service during the entire collaboration with HelpStone.

Option to reduce tax

In most countries, business owners and entrepreneurs can deduct a donation sent to a non-profit organization from their taxes. The same goes for HelpStone. To get further details please contact your accountant. It would be a shame not to use this opportunity.

Did the HelpStone initiative catch your attention
and you believe that your company should be a part of it?

If you are a good person and own a business, we will be happy if you will join us.

Become part of a revolution of helping others. What are you waiting for?

Join us today!

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