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HelpStone is a crowd-funding platform which helps nonprofit organizations efficiently collect financial funds.

We raise donations for the projects involved - both online and in the real world - thanks to the global network of HelpStone partner businesses!

We believe that the systematic popularization of philanthrophy, aided by the intimate involvement of small businesses, is missing in our world. The stores and other businesses of our partners are the ideal places for popularizing important issues of the nonprofit sector.

At the same time, these businesses are the best places for active fundraising. Thanks to the HelpStone.org platform, every kindhearted owner of any firm can get involved, and by doing so, help projects he or she truly cares about.

HelpStone's services are completely free of charge! We are a nonprofit organisation as well – only voluntary contributions from our community keep us afloat.

HelpStone is a stone that helps!

By purchasing the HelpSone bracelet, a donor helps several times at once! Not only does he or she provide financial support to their chosen project, but by wearing the bracelet, they spread the vision of philanthropy in everyday life. It is a great topic for regular conversation. When someone talks about the bracelet they are wearing, they are also talking about the project they supported, and therefore help the project to potentially gain more donors.

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Daruma Support Children 21 in Cambodia

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Daruma Support Children 21 in Cambodia

Daruma Support Children 21 in Cambodia

Our activities such as Apsara training, making of necklaces, bracelets, hairties, bags, special curry powder, DSCC, so far is not only provided a childcare but we also built than 800 water wells with a good quality water to poor family in Siem Reap

$400 raised
4 donations
$74,600 to go
$75,000 goal in USD
  • Cambodia
  • Children, Community, Education, …

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Andělé Stromu života

The Tree of Life is a home hospice, which provides its services in the Moravian-Silesian region, Olomouc and Zlín regions in patients with advanced and final stages of incurable diseases.

$400 raised
4 donations
$44,600 to go
$45,000 goal in USD
  • Czech Republic
  • Children, Community, Health, …
Save the Thai tigers

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Save the Thai tigers

Euro - asijský nadační fond
Save the Thai tigers

The project "Rescue the tigers'' is focusing on rescuing tigers in Thailand, where the most abuse of these beautiful animals for the sheer pleasure of tourist happens.

$302 raised
3 donations
$114,698 to go
$115,000 goal in USD
  • Thailand
  • Animals

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